Regional Minds, Regional Policy, Regional Outcomes

Building Regional Australia is coming to Queanbeyan February 2015!

Thank you very much to all delegates, sponsors and supporters involved in the inaugural Building Regional Australia Summit.

The main priority in establishing the Summit was to regain focus on regional Australia. In doing so we wanted to create a platform for regionally focussed ‘movers and shakers’ (that’s you!) to share experiences, generate ideas, start collaborations and hopefully launch new working relationships. The exchange of ideas among delegates and speakers was very positive and we hope these conversations continue into the future.  

We were excited to have representatives from a number of states in Australia in attendance creating not only local collaborations but also inter-state – a great opportunity to begin working on a national level. Being an election year, the program was very political, however this created a huge boost in media interest and also played a big part in attaining the ABC outside broadcast.

As you would be well aware, attending the Summit is only the first step in building regional Australia. The conversations started at the Summit now must be continued and ideas put into practice around the country. We are keen to keep a handle on the outcomes as a result of the Summit and would appreciate you keeping in touch as you reach new milestones and build on ideas generated from the Summit. Not only are we keen to hear of your outcomes, as a Foundation we are also keen to be involved in anyway we can from conducting research, assisting with marketing or creating partnerships.    

We are excited to announce that due to the success and positive feedback following the inaugural event, the Foundation for Regional Development intends to hold the Building Regional Australia Summit once again in 2014. 

Warm Regards,

the Foundation for Regional Development team


With the theme ‘regional minds, regional policy, regional outcomes’, the Building Regional Australia 2014 Summit will be a unique opportunity to examine the leading issues for regional Australia; and create a platform to draw attention to regional Australia as the engine room of our nation.

Managing rapid growth in Australian capital cities is a formidable task and places heavy demand on resources (often at the expense of regional areas). In light of this, the 2014 Summit will highlight prospering regional communities and showcase successful strategies being implemented in terms of regional development policy. 

Dates and location for the 2014 Building Regional Australia Summit are still to be announced.

The objectives are to:

  • Focus on policy agenda for Regional Australia

  • Provide Federal, state and local politicians with valuable insight into where they can be driving new initiatives

  • Motivate regional leaders (ensuring local politicians are aware of pertinent issues for Regional Australia)

  • Showcase best-practice examples that can be adapted by other regional communities

  • Highlight methods for communities to develop infrastructure partnerships

  • Showcase communities demonstrating leadership in terms of industry and mining (providing jobs and services to the regions they service)

  • Provide networking opportunities.

Who will attend Building Regional Australia 2014?

  • Federal and state government representatives

  • Local government representatives from across Australia including mayors, general managers and economic development managers

  • Federal, state and local politicians

  • Regional development organisations

  • Consultants with a regional focus

  • Chamber of Commerce representatives

  • Regionally-focused corporate organisations

  • Educational institutions

  • Academics with a regional focus

  • Key decision makers in regional development

  • Corporate leaders interested in developing relationships in Regional Australia


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