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New summit dates!

17 - 19 June 2015

You can register your interest to become a delegate early or sign up to recieve the e-newsletter that will let you know venue details when they come to light. Please Contact Us to let us know your intentions.



The Building Regional Australia Summit was established in 2013 to regain focus on regional Australia. In doing so we wanted to create a platform for regionally focussed ‘movers and shakers’ (that’s you!) to share experiences, generate ideas, start collaborations and hopefully launch new working relationships. The exchange of ideas among delegates and speakers was very positive and we hope these conversations continue into the future.  

As you would be well aware, attending the Summit is only the first step in building regional Australia. The conversations started at the Summit in 2013 now must be continued and emphasied in the 2015 Summit. We are keen to invite corporate executives, regional development and community leaders, government representatives and businesses to attend the summit and join in the workshops and summit proceedings. Should you wish to be recognised as a key facilitator of regional development through sponsorship or attending the summit, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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the Foundation for Regional Development team


2015 Theme for the Summit: Building Regional Australia through Infrastructure Parterships

The theme this year was chosen to target an area to work towards and not just be as broad as possible. By discussing at length and detail building infrastructure partnerships in regional Australia, attendees and sponsors will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss opportunities for regional infrastructure

  • Outline methods for regional infrastructure partnership finding

  • Discuss and network opportunities for public and private partnership

  • Discuss philosophical directions for the next few years

  • Provide a platform to develop and discuss opportunities for infrastructure partnerships

  • Create a forum for organisations and individuals to come together to discuss issues related to regional growth 

  • Showcase best practice projects which can be adapted and implemented by other communities

  • Provide networking opportunities

Who will attend Building Regional Australia 2015?

  • Federal and state government representatives

  • Local government representatives from across Australia including mayors, general managers and economic development managers

  • Federal, state and local politicians

  • Regional development organisations

  • Consultants with a regional focus

  • Chamber of Commerce representatives

  • Regionally-focused corporate organisations

  • Educational institutions

  • Academics with a regional focus

  • Key decision makers in regional development

  • Corporate leaders interested in developing relationships in Regional Australia


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